The latest news from Warpalizer

First Warpalizer course

The first Warpalizer course has been held at our head office in Stockholm, Sweden. Wink Lo,

Engineer at U-Center in Taiwan, visited us for two days. Mr Wink is now a certified Warpalizer installer.

Education visit

Certified Warpalizer Installer

Univisual Technologies now offer courses to become Warpalizer Installer Certified. The training takes place at the Univisual head office in Stockholm where we have a demo center with curved screens and different projector setups.


Warpalizer certified2 small


Here is an overview of the course plan:


GUI overview

Get to learn your way around the Warpalizer GUI.

- Set number of channels

- Edit warping, edge blend and overlap

- Save, Load, Undo, Redo

Quick Setup

Show how the click procedure in Quick Setup works.

Fine tune

Get to know all the functions for fine tuning the

warping meshes and edge blend meshes.

- Move row, column, all

- Change control point.

- Press Shift to get higher precision with both

keyboard and mouse.

Single view warping

Explains the difference between 2D content warping

and single view warping.

Multi view warping

Show a Warpalizer setup with a three view setup.



Add edge blends

Shows how you add new edge blends and what they

can be used for.

AutoLineUp (ALU)

Setup a ALU system with two cameras and get to

know how you create a ALU-setup.

Tips and tricks

- Select a channel from the SetupWindow

- Change mesh with keyboard


A quick walk through of the WarpalizerConfig.xml


Black level

Show how you add black level compensation areas

in DesktopWarpalizer.


For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Boeing 737-800 simulator selected Warpalizer

New projection screen installation with Warpalizer done by the Univisual Technologies installation team. The installation was done for AviPro AB in Gothenburg (Landvetter) and the simulator is a Boeing 737-800 with a cylindrical screen that covers 200 degrees horizontal field-of-view projected by three FullHD (1920×1080) projectors.


3 channel installation for Entrol

New Warpalizer installation at Entrol ( in Madrid. The set-up is a three projector (three times FullHD, 1920x1080) screen warped and edge blended with Warpalizer and using the Warpalizer Deep-Black-Module for perfect night scenario edge blending.


Univisual Technologies at I/ITSEC 2013

Univisual Technologies, together with its sister company Polar Simulation, exhibited their products at I/ITSEC 2013 exhibition in Orlando diring first week of Desember. ;Our booth was literally packed during all opening hours and we got a lot of attention from other exhibitors as well.


Our goal at the show was to prove that it is possible to achieve an impressive visual system quality without the use of expensive high end image generators and projectors. Based on the immediate feedback we got at the booth our goals were meet.

Our new product, the WalkMouse, also attracted a lot of attention.  We were told that the beauty of the product was embedded in its simplicity and everybody endorsed our statement that WalkMouse is a game changer. Trainees can from now on walk realistically in a synthetic environment without using a joystick, which off course in the past  has represented an element of negative training.


We also take this opportunity to thank everybody that came to our booth. We will see you again next year.





Warpalizer used for an exciting display at the National Marine Museum in Korea

The task at hand was to use 4 projectors to project a dynamic application onto a small sphere. Extreme high quality warp and blend had to be applied to achieve the desired result. The work was done by our exclusive representative in Korea, United Digital Experience.

Robert Malmstrom, the CEO of Univisual Technologies says; "I am both pleased and impressed to see Warpalizer being used for new and exciting applications we did not think about, or planned for, prior to starting the development of the product. As it stands today I can see no limitations to which customers we can serve and my whole team is very motivated to break new barriers in the time to come".


sphere1 sphere2 sphere3

I/ITSEC 2013, Univisual Technologies AB

Come and check out our latest technologies at I/ITSEC 2013, December 2nd – December 5th, Orlando, Florida

Univisual Technologies will demo all its latest products in Booth 2015 in cooperation with our sister company Polar Simulation and Vivitek.
We will be running 14 projectors on 4 cylindrical screens where visitors will be able to get hands on experiences on:

     • Warpalizer warp and blend software
     • Auto Line Up
     • Polar Screen
     • WalkMouse
     • Qumi Q7 projectors

The demos will explain how to achieve a surprisingly high system performance by using surprisingly low cost modules.


Latest in Dome projection

Univisual Technologies is proud to announce that the EonVision Idome has successfully been set to work in Los Angles. The concept required a unique real time cut and paste of the video in addition to a complicated warp and blend approach that apparently only Warpalizer was able to fulfill.

Robert Malmstrom, the CEO of Univisual Technologies says: "I did personally travel to Los Angles to oversee the installation as it was the first of its kind for us. Other warp and blend products had been tested in the Idome and found not to meet the expectations. I am therefore indeed pleased to witness that Warpalizer is not only favorably priced; it is also second to none in performance and flexibility. Never have the slogan – Value for Money- been more spot on".

dome 2dome 1

Boeing 777 Visual Installation

Univisual Technologies is proud to announce that our Warpalizer software has been installed in a Boeing 777 simulator in Canada. For details please contact our representative in Canada, mr Harry Zanin: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


harry b777 3

7 state of the art F-16 simulators

Univisual Technologies is proud to announce that Fly the Dream entertainment center has opened in Holywood, Los Angles, California. Fly the Dream, which consists of 7 state of the art High-Fidelity F-16 simulators, is a franchise initiative available across the world. For more information please check out

Elias Amkie, the founder of Fly the Dream sent us the following message: "I want to thank you guys for all the help. The 7 state of the art High-Fidelity F-16 simulators are working great. You have the best warping product around. We know , because we tested 5 of them.".

Robert Malmstrom, the CEO of Univisual Technologies says: "Our strategy to support our customers all the way is paying off. It is not easy, even for those skilled in the trade, to find hardware and software modules that are easily integrated. Yet again we have proven that Warpalizer has the flexibility to accommodate the most demanding requirements. We wish Fly the Dream a successful future".

Fifth largest dome in the world now Warpalized

This 75 foot (23 meter) wide dome called Cosmonova in Sweden has now been Warpalized. The system runs our software Warpalizer on a single PC with a single graphics card with six DVI outputs connected to six ProjectionDesign F35 projectors. A single image is split and warped for six channels with new Warpalizer dome functions.

New ATC Simulator in Korea

Univisual Technologies is proud to announce that Warpalizer has been selected the warp and blend solution for the new and novel Air Traffic Control Simulator at the Incheon Airport Aviation Academy in South Korea. The contract was won in the face of many international competitors.
From a system point of view our Warpalizer is used to warp and blend 7 high end F32 projectors from Projectiondesign (Barco) into a 270 deg seamless and geometrical correct image.

Robert Malmstrom, the CEO of Univisual Technologies says:
"We want to congratulate our exclusive partner in Korea with a job well done. The fact that Warpalizer was selected above the marked leading hardware solution makes me proud and gives me high expectations for the years to come. It also proves that Warpalizer is a good vehicle for our partners to secure profitable projects. We are right now seeking new partners across the world and we urge interested companies and individuals to make contact with our Head of Sales, Mr. Olav Sandnes (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)"

atc controller news

The flight museum in Söderhamn, Sweden

Earlier this year Univisual Technologies supplied a 6 channel Warpalizer license to the Flight Museum in Søderhamn, Sweden. The Museum has used the Warpalizer to achieve a fully synchronized 6 projector seamless visual system for their Viggen fighter simulator. The Museum has had a lot of visitors every day during the summer and the simulator has been very well received by the public.

Quite a few of the visitors have posted remarks on various blogs and in particular we enjoyed the following comment (in Swedish)

“Carl-Gustaf Thornstrom 8 juli, 2013 kl. 13:53:
Besökte F15 förra veckan. Synnerligen imponerande visuellt system. Bättre än på f d SAS-flygskola/Arlanda.
CGT UFK-pilot (SE-GMN)”

The statement made translates into English as follows: "I visited the Viggen simualtor at the Flight Museum in Søderhamn last week. The visual system was exceptionally impressive. I think even better than the visual system they used to have at the SAS Flight Academy at Arlanda" (The main airport in Stockholm)

Robert Malmstrom, the CEO of Univisual Technologies says:
"It is a known fact that most museums across the Globe suffers from limited funds. The simulator project at the Flight Museum in Søderhamn shows that there are technologies available today that allows enthusiasts to design an implement very sophisticated simulators inside reasonable budgets. The Viggen simulator in Søderhamn attracts a lot of visitors and we believe the excellent work done by the Museum in Søderhamn should inspire other museums to consider similar projects. At least we at Univisual Technologies are ready to support such initiatives the best way we can"

Warpalizer selected for showrooms

Univisual Technologies is proud to announce that Warpalizer has been selected as the Warp and Blend software for a series of executive show rooms across Taiwan.
The visuals are based on the AMD FirePro graphics V4900 cards and low cost projectors.

Robert Malmstrom, the CEO of Univisual says:

"The quality achieved in these show rooms once again proves that Warpalizer is a game-changer in the AV business. We see that more and more companies no longer just buy the high end expensive products, they are indeed looking for alternatives.

We do not think this is caused by the current economical climate alone, it certainly reflects an increasing awareness of the quality and flexibility that can be achieve by dramatically cheaper system modules"

taiwan1 forside

ATC simulator in Korea

Univisual Technologies is proud to announce an order from UDX for delivery of our Warpalizer product to a sophisticated ATC simulator at the Incheon Airport in South Korea. The contract was won in the face of a pack of international competitors offering hardware as well as software based product.


"This order is yet another proof that Univisual Technologies is moving up the food chain and we belive that Warpalizer in a not too distant future will become the preferred solution even in the high end of the simulation market" says Robert Malmström, the CEO of Univisual Technologies.