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F-18 Simulators for Entertainment

Univisual Technologies  is proud to announce that Warpalizer was selected to achieve seamless projection in 3 ea F-18 Flight Simulators in Lyon, France. The visual system offers a HFOV of 220 deg and a VFOV of +90/-50 deg. Each channel is driven by a seperate Image Generator.  The simulation software is the Prepar 3D by Lockheed Martin.



Univisual Technologies received the contract from the supplier of the complete Visual System, Polar Simulation AS. The end user is


Mr. Cato Mortensen, the CEO of Polar Simulation says; " It is not an easy task to align 5 projector images perfectly  inside a 1.6 m radius dome. We have worked with several warp and blend products over the years and I am very pleased thet we selected Warpalizer for this installation. Without the extreme warping range and the low latency offered by Warpalizer, it would not have been possible to achieve the results we got. I will also take this opportunity to express my thanks to the Warpalizer team for outstanding support during the installation".


Mr. Pierre Nicolas, the CEO of I-WAY sent us the following email:

"Dear Jimmy, we have now finished the first week-end with the 3 simulators. We had 100% of the sessions booked and we had absolutely no problem all week-end. Everything is working perfectly and the conclusion he is: in 4 months we all created an awesome place".


Video from Cato Mortensen, CEO Polar Simulation: